Throughout this adventure, I have been fortunate to have met and worked with some wonderfully kind and lovely people.

Receiving these kind words makes me truly happy and has made every late night and hectic day completely wonderful.

For that, I am grateful. xo


You were one of the first people we thought of this morning when we woke up - you were a heroic presence in our wedding and we are so grateful...


this woman is a magician and a master at what she does!!!

We love the "missing bass" story and the fact that we didn't even hear about it until this morning.

Thank you!!!  Patrick/ Groom

So Grateful,,,

to Tammy and crew from 'Blue Lily Event Planning' for making our day so seamless and incredible yesterday!


including a cross town drive during dessert to find a

bass guitar for our band!​


Courtney/ Bride

You truly ROCK!!,,

Thank you for doing what you do.

David Seale

Think Communications Inc.

On behalf of the entire team...

Thank You,,,

on an absolutely awesome last night!

As always,

you coordinated everything to a "T" and made us look like pros to pur partners and clients.

Umm Tam,

this looks magazine pretty.


Tam's a Party Planner,,

not a  Party Pooper


Because of Tammy's help,,,

we had one of the best weddings any of our friends and family had ever seen.

It had such character and class, and went off without a hitch.

We both highly recommend Tam for any local or long distance wedding planning on Vancouver Island

Joel and Heather 

You did such a fantastic job!

We were so lucky to have you as our wedding planner.

During the planning, I always felt more at ease after chatting with you,

and LOVED how organized you were.  I knew we could count on you.

On the day, you took care of everything, and we were so impressed by you calm demeanor and can-do attitude, even though you were in the middle of putting out small fires, so to speak!

We knew you were taking care of things and you went above and beyond in you dedication to making sure our

wedding and reception were all that we hoped they would be.​

We highly recommend you!

Alison and Mark